20Q Harry Potter

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Posted 13 May 2010 in General

  • Classic, portable 20Q electronic game
  • Includes trivia from all seven Harry Potter books
  • Golden Snitch design with removable wings and a display stand
  • Easy-to-read trans-reflective screen
  • Light switch for night or indoor play

Product Description
Hold onto your Nimbus 2000! The popular, mind reading 20 Questions electronic game from Radica now allows you to square off on all things Harry Potter. You’ll score major house points if you can outsmart the artificial intelligence gizmo on people, places, and things from all seven of the Harry Potter books. Simply think of something related to the wizard’s world and then give honest answers to 20 questions that the game asks. Answering “yes,” “no,” “unknown,” or “sometimes” to each question prompts another query or a guess by the device. If you choose an obscure enough person, place, or item, you just might beat the game.Designed to look like a golden snitch, the round game has a built-in light for indoor or n… More >> 20Q Harry Potter


  1. Anonymous

    Little joke there with the title. I don’t think this toy is cuddly and its battery compartment is not particularly hard to open. Anyways, we recently had a party and the guests loved making it guess Bogart, hippogriff, Harry’s scar, the elder wand, and animagus, just to name a few. This is a really addicting toy, and the fun is not so much in the stumping it as it is helping it guess correctly. The durability is not top quality, as the removable wings are prone to breaking. However its intelligence is amazing, as it has the ability to guess winged key first shot! However, its fun comes in little spurts, as after a while you are blank on things to guess. Another flaw is a budding Harry Potter fan will shortly be running to his or her parents asking who Mr. Tibbles is. People who haven’t read all the books recently can get easily confused. Also, it doesn’t seem to know about the little ‘Side Series’ books, which is slightly off-putting. All in all, though, this is a great gift for a Harry Potter fan, and I highly recommend it.

    Russian Blue Witch (RBW) Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Severina Snape

    I saw this in store today, test it. Very interesting. I think it’s bit challenge than regualar 20Q game because it’s from books/movies. No way my mom could play this, hee hee. Boy! I would have to brush up my books again! Very nice, creative game and look cute when it’s with wings. Has stand for it. I bought it after test it. Never thought they would create that one. Should have wait for all 7 movies… oh well.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Cindie Snyder

    As a big Harry Potter fan I was delighted to see a Twenty Question game dedicated to Harry Potter! I recieved my twenty questions for Christmas and have been having fun with it ever since. And yes I even stumped it a few times!LOL I guess Muggles do have a little magic! Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Sean-paul Hart

    If you love Harry Potter, this games is for you. It is so fun. It i a challenge thinking of things the computer would not know. The price was cheap and shipped fast. Rating: 5 / 5

  5. D. Hernandez

    I had been wanting this item since I first heard about and I’m a diehard harry potter fan so this product is awesome I although I wasnt expecting the wings to be removable but it makes scense that the are for portability Rating: 5 / 5

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